The Mercenary Company Nevermore

Castles Sieged, Armies Routed, Maidens Rescued, Dragons Neutered.

The Mercenary Company Nevermore first emerged from the seclusion of Raven's Hollow in A.S. 28, and soon found regular employment as a cohesive group of SCA heavy infantry shield wall fighters. As the Company grew in size and reputation, our ranks enveloped talents of all sorts, banded together under the banner of the wing and claw.

Although we reside primarily in Western Northshield, we have attended over one hundred events and fought in four different Kingdoms, contracted by over fifty sponsors. As a mercenary company, we usually seek out a sponsor to ally with before any given melee. This arrangement is "sealed" with the symbolic signing of a mercenary contract.

No exchange of goods or currency is expected or included in any Company Nevermore contract. Our satisfaction is solely in our representation of mercenaries, and "he is well paid that is well satisfied."

This paragraph is to assure the reader that the members of Company Nevermore are responsible, honorable, fun-loving, and debatably sane individuals, much like you, the reader, despite the stigma attached to the term "mercenary."

The struggle to bring honor to the title of mercenary is often a difficult and thankless task. We appreciate your faith in our goal.


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